Signature Dishes

Our Special Rice:

Taste the difference at Fatty Loh’s, At Fatty Loh, Our one of a kind steamed rice is first soaked in a broth of spices and herbs to ensure maximum flavor and softness of the rice. Our rice is light and fluffy , a texture so unique that you can only experience it at Fatty Loh Chicken Rice.

Our Signature Roasted Chicken:

Redefining roasted chicken rice since 1969, we strive for flavour and texture in every bite. The chicken that made people all over the world miss after their first bite, our chickens are seasoned with our own proprietary blend of spices and various ingredients which you leave you wanting for more, do come to Fatty Loh’s to experience the Award Winning Chicken Rice that you’ll never forget.

Our Award Winning White Boiled Chicken:

Our Award Winnning White Boiled Chicken is famous for its smooth texture and juiciness that you won’t get anywhere else. Our Award Winning White Boiled Chicken will melt your tastebuds , combined with our signature soya sauce , it is truly a taste to remember that was passed down through the generations. Exploding with flavor and great texture, you’ll want to pay a visit and try it today!