The Fatty Loh Story

The now famous chicken rice business was originally started by their grandfather, Mr Loh Hwa Heng . Popularly known by his nickname of “Fatty Loh” , In 1969 at a stall at No.115, Jalan Tanjong Tokong, Penang. Which was then the only coffee shop there. Jalan Tanjong Tokong, at that time was the only road in that area , and the surrounding was mainly made up of rambutan and mangosteen estates. At that time, business was then mostly confined to the residents staying around Tanjong Tokong Area.

However, due to popular demand for the delicious roasted as well as the plain boiled chicken, and also the uniquely cooked rice and broth, the business expanded. Words also spread far and wide about the delicacies available at Fatty Loh’s stall, and customers form other ares of Penang and other states began to patronise the stall.


In 1978, the business was taken over by the eldest son, Mr Loh Kok Keong, who further expanded the business and added more dishes, such as salted fish curry hot and spicy vegetable soup and bean curd and egg braised in soya sauce, were added to the daily menu. As a result of the growing popularity of Fatty Loh Chicken Rice, other stalls and shops in the immediate vicinity began sprouting up, especially along Jalan Fettes and Jalan Tanjong Tokong, as business became more obvious with the subsequent expension of the make-shift morning market along Jalan Fettes when more stalls were opened up by the hawkers.

With the demise of the Mr. Loh Kok Keong in 1978, the business came under his eldest son, Mr Loh Seng Hooi. The present Mr “Fatty Loh” not only maintains the high standards set by his forefathers during the last two generations, but also managed to improve them further by introduring new roasting methods using the “Apollo” ovens. Side orders such as chicken legs and mushrooms braised in soya sauce, “kerabu” chicken legs, pork legs braised in black vinegar sauce, etc were added to the menu so as to offer a wider range of choices to the customers.


To ensure that the highest qualities are consistently maintained at all times, Mr. Loh personally attends to the daily preparation and operations in the kitchen every morning . According to Mr. Loh : “ the best way to promote customer satisfaction and loyalty is to maintain the highest standards, in the quality and quantity of the dishes on the menu and also the services rendered to customers”. He added that it is most gratifying whenever customers come up to tell me “you make the most delicious chicken rice” or “I’ve never tasted such wonderful chicken rice before !” Such feedbacks have often been received from the customers. Mr. Loh also said that he always welcome suggestions and feedbacks from the customer as these will ultimately help him to improve not only the quality of the dishes but also customer service.


While operating at No.115, Jalan Tanjong Tokong, Penang, the business was known as “Fettes Park Chicken Rice”.

The chicken rice business expanded further and by 1996, due to the constraint in the seating capacity at the rented stall and also the impending eviction by the new landlord who wanted to redevelop their recently acquired property, Mr .Loh , moved his business to a newly renovated shop at 501 K and 501 L, Jalan Tanjong Bungah, 11200 Penang. The business name was also changed to “Fatty Loh Chicken Rice” by which it is still known as today.There he operated the business for four years until March 20th 2000 when he shifted to the present shop at 21 , Jalan Fettes , Fettes Park ,11200 Penang, Malaysia. It can therefore be said that Fatty Loh Chicken Rice has gone back to it’s roots or own homeground in Fettes Park, Penang, where it can be operated more efficently due to sufficient seating capacity and where it is more customer friendly in view of the ample free parking spaces at the private car park directly next to the shop.